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We are a geophysics consulting and training firm that specializes in frontier exploration, data room technical evaluations, presentation finesse, and geophysics training. Our work is completed on site at client offices, or during visits to locations internationally as required. We utilize your software onsite.

Geophysics training listed below can be taught through RPS at locations including the UK, Europe, USA and Asia, or virtually if preferred.

  • Introduction to Marine Seismic Interpretation
  • Introduction to Seismic Interpretation.
  • Interpretation of Two Dimensional Seismic Data.
  • Interpretation of Three Dimensional Seismic Data.
  • Advanced Seismic Interpretation.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help with your geophysics and exploration requirements.

2022-2023 CSEG Distinguished Lecture Tour

This national tour is sponsored by the Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists (CSEG) Foundation and presented by a distinguished member of the society. The goal of the tour is to promote the science and application of geophysics and to highlight a topic of current interest.

Although the topic is yet to be finalized, the tentative plan is to visit Central and Eastern Canada in October and November 2022, and Western and Northern Canada in January and February 2023.

Dr. Rachel Newrick, P.Geoph., P.Geol., is an exploration geophysicist working and teaching internationally with a focus on seismic interpretation. She completed undergraduate degrees at VUW in New Zealand and a PhD in Exploration Seismology at the University of Calgary, Canada.

She is the co-author of the SEG Geophysical Monograph Series #13, Fundamentals of Geophysical Interpretation with Dr. Larry Lines, a contributor to two 52 Things… books, and has presented at a variety of technical conferences and luncheons. Rachel was the 2015-2016 President of the CSEG and 2021-2022 President of the Canadian Federation of Earth Sciences. Most importantly, she is inquisitive and likes to take on challenges.

Potential stops on the 2022-2023 Distinguished Lecture Tour

Geoscience Links

Many of our clients have enquired about our recommended geoscience resources and we find those below to be most helpful to us. Please contact us if you have any recommendations to add to the list.

Geoscience Resources

Agile Geophysics: An excellent resource that includes ’52 Things Everyone Should Know About…’ and interesting blogs.

Subsurface Wiki: Maintained by Agile Geophysics and includes ‘cheat sheets’ and a wealth of handy hints. In the development stages so pile in and contribute to the Wiki.

Stratigraphic Guide: Useful reference from the ICS.

Seismic Atlas: this is a great resource for interpreters.  Search on depositional environment, structural setting, location etc and see seismic lines both clean and interpreted.

SEPM Stratigraphy Web: Open access site dedicated to the study of sequence stratigraphy.

Geoheritage Day: This is an excellent resource that includes many geoheritage initiatives from across Canada.

Geodiversity Day: “Geodiversity is all around you. It is all the parts of nature that aren’t alive; including everything from minerals and fossils, to soils and spectacular landscapes.” Celebrated on 6th October.

Geoscience Technical, Professional and Regulatory Organisations

CSEG [Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists]: An excellent resource that includes the monthly RECORDER in which you will find easy to read technical articles.

CFES [Canadian Federation of Earth Sciences]: The umbrella organization for Canadian Earth Science societies. Be sure to check out the CGEN and EdGeo links under education for many useful resources.

CSPG [Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists]: Canada’s Energy Geoscientists. There are some useful resources including the Canadian geological and geophysical atlases.

CSUR [Canadian Society for Unconventional Resources]: CSUR enjoys a world class reputation for being a go to organization for factual information, technical events and networking/collaboration opportunities relative to the unconventional oil and gas industry.

CGEF [Calgary Global Exploration Forum]: Serves and promotes Canadian-based International oil and gas Exploration and Production companies. Great 2 day conference with a broad range of panel discussions and plenary sessions.

SEG [Society of Exploration Geophysicists]:

APEGA [Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta]:

EAGE [European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers]:

AAPG [American Association of Petroleum Geologists]:

PESGB [Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain]:

GSA (Geological Society of America): a rather complete list of American geoscience links.

AWSN [Alberta Women’s Science Network]: Networking & support for Alberta STEM programs that foster diversity and inclusion [STEM = Science + Technology + Engineering + Mathematics].

IUGS (International Union of Geological Sciences):    The IUGS promotes and encourages the study of geological problems, especially those of world-wide significance, and supports and facilitates international and interdisciplinary cooperation in the Earth sciences. They have a website dedicated to the 60th Anniversary with some great flagship activities and comments on global challenges.

Eclectic Links

Bad Science: Ben Goldacre.

TED Talks:

Stupid Physics in Movies:

Wondering what daily products come from petroleum? Here are a couple of good resources: ExxonMobil Chemicals, Ranken Energy List of 144 out of thousands of products,

Four Billion Years and Counting is a Canadian Federation of Earth Sciences publication that has some phenomenal geological images with great detail.

Resources for Professionals in Transformation

Resource YYC: co-working space for professionals in downtown Calgary.