Math and Science Links

Many clients have enquired about good math and science links. Here are some of our favourite, for both kids and adults.


Math lessons from – has more than 20 courses that will bring you from the beginner level to advance. has free and paid version (it gives more flexible access and more lessons and examples), we have a promo-code for 10% discount – D60D205E89.

Illuminations: K-12. Search on the right hand side of the site for interactive lessons and explanations on Algebra, Geometry, Measurement and Probability.

Word Math Problems – Grades 5-12 math problems with hints and solutions.

Khan Academy – Math

Kids Math Games – Fun learning.

University of Kansas Online Math Games – High school math tutor Eva Harris recommended this site that she uses along with ours.  Thank-you for the link.



Khan Academy – Chemistry –

About Chemistry – Interesting facts and specific lessons with material primarily at Grade 7 and up.

Chemistry 101 – An excellent place to start for Grade 7 and up. This section includes tips on how to study, pass exams and teach yourself.

Khan Academy – Physics

About Physics

Fun Science from New Zealand –

All about petroleum. This is a good overview for kids of what petroleum is, how it is refined and what products come from petroleum.

Science Experiments with Bottles – Layla and Julietta Morris sent some fantastic feedback “Layla found your page [] … and it was a blast and kept us busy!” Layla then recommended this page on bottle experiments – thank-you very much.  Keep up the science experimentation – yes, science is great fun.

Science Experiments for all around your home – a link provided to us by a kind middle school teacher, Linda FitzMaurice.  The article by Andrea Davis includes links to many other interesting resources.

Physics for Kids: Simple Machines in Automobiles – this link was passed along to us by Gabby and Taylor who enjoyed the links we provided and wanted to share their own.  Thank-you for helping other people visiting the site.

Car and Vehicle Science Experiments – shared by Cindy Powell and her fabulous Girl Scouts. They have been using our links to get their  “Home Scientist” badge and wanted to share a link of their own. It is a good one.

Teeth: Fun and interesting animal teeth facts for kids – this link was sent by Katie Gold in Colorado Springs who is teaching kids who loved this page.

A Nurse’s Guide to the Human Body: another great link from Katie Gold and her enthusiastic kids.

Ten year old Liam of Bellevue, Washington, enjoyed our links so much that he insisted that his Mom also told us about this Solar Science Experiments page. We hope that more people have fun with these experiments.

Oddly, a blog from American Vision Windows on Energy and Newton’s Laws of Motion is a great reference that was provided to us by Mary-Anne Kent. Thank-you for letting us know about this site.